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Here at Transformation Wellness Center in Grand Junction Co, we live up our name by transforming your health and helping you achieve optimal well-being. To do this, we've harnessed a variety of safe and effective services and techniques that work together to bring about dramatic positive changes in your health;  from optimized nervous system function to finding the root cause of your chronic health issues. Our services include:

Functional Medicine Active Person

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a whole-person approach to health and wellness. By focusing on the overall needs and health of the patient, instead of just a particular disease, we can utilize a multi-modal treatments to help improve every aspect of the patient's quality of life. We address everything from immune and endocrine dysfunction to the effects of oxidative stress and digestive/nutritional imbalances. This improves the patient's ability to recover, thrive and age gracefully.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

When a misalignment occurs in the upper cervical region of the spine, a variety of health problems and symptoms can result, from headaches and seizures to MS and hypertension. That's because the top two vertebrae of the spine impact the critical "control unit" of the nervous system, the brainstem. Dr. Jordheim, your only upper cervical chiropractor in Grand Junction, is trained in the use of upper cervical chiropractic adjustments to restore the proper alignment of this critical area. Computerized infrared thermography and radiographic imaging ensure that we make accurate, successful corrections.

Infrared Sauna Therapy

Our infrared sauna therapy brings the advantages of modern technology to a favorite form of age-old therapy. The use of infrared light instead of traditional steam allows you to tolerate sauna sessions longer so you can receive  greater benefits . We may prescribe near-infrared therapy for cellular health and wound healing, mid-infrared for circulatory care and pain relief, or far-infrared for detox and blood pressure regulation.

Pediatric & Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

Our pediatric chiropractic care can then help your child enjoy optimal physical function and development. Dr Jordheim, with 3 young boys herself, provides excellent and gentle care for kids. She utilizes safe and low force care as need for prevention and to treat more significant childhood issues.

If you are expecting and looking for less discomfort during pregnancy, prenatal chiropractic care can provide you the relief and support you need -- while also improving your odds of a safe and healthy delivery.

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  • "I started seeing a traditional chiropractor when I was 12 years old for headaches and backaches. My headaches never really subsided and I suffered an average of five severe migraines a month."
    Leah S.
  • "I’ve had severe epileptic seizures all my life and have been confined to a wheelchair all the time. Now I can use my crutches and walk where ever I need to go."
    Timothy M.
  • "People don’t stare at me anymore. You see, I have Multiple Sclerosis. Before I came to Transformation Chiropractic I was extremely off balance and walking was tough."
    Danell P.