Persistent headaches and migraines might be a sign that something else is going on with your health. At Transformation Wellness Center, functional medicine practitioner Andrea Jordheim DC CFMP CKNS and the team offer the highest quality chiropractic care to quickly relieve painful headaches or migraines that keep you down. They tailor a detox and treatment plan to your needs and help you make changes in your life to prevent recurrent headaches. Call the office in Grand Junction, Colorado, or book a headache evaluation online today.

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What causes headaches?

There are hundreds of underlying causes of headaches. Some causes relate to your lifestyle and your diet, while others involve underlying medical issues.

Transformation Wellness Center treats headaches and migraines that result from different underlying factors, including:

Chronic systemic health issues

Your headaches and migraines might be the result of underlying health issues like uncontrolled blood sugar levels or high blood pressure.

Gastrointestinal issues, like infections and an overgrowth of microbes that affect your gut health, might also contribute to your recurrent headaches.

Lifestyle choices

What you do in your daily life can trigger headaches. Common lifestyle issues that might contribute to headaches include practicing poor posture, drinking alcohol, lack of quality sleep, and skipping meals.


Stress at home and work can affect both your existing and long-term physical health. It can also cause progressive mental health issues that contribute to frequent headaches and migraines.

Exposure to toxins

Environmental pollutants are a known trigger of recurrent migraines. Exposure to chemicals, mold, and other toxins at home or at work can also cause long-lasting illnesses like Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).

How are headaches treated?

Transformation Wellness Center offers upper cervical chiropractic care and functional medicine services to treat acute and chronic headaches and migraines.

Upper cervical chiropractic care is highly effective at relieving existing headache pain and reducing the recurrence of headaches. The team uses manual manipulation techniques to realign the vertebrae in your upper spine and relieve pressure on the nerves that cause headaches.

The team also offers detox services to help eliminate harmful heavy metals and environmental pollutants from your body that cause painful headaches and migraines. Detox can also reduce chronic inflammation in your body to improve your overall health.

Detox involves dietary changes to cleanse toxins from your system. Transformation Wellness Center also offers infrared sauna therapy to help cleanse your body of a variety of harmful toxins.

How can I prevent headaches?

Transformation Wellness Center offers functional medicine services to reduce your risk for additional headaches and migraines.

They focus on improving your diet and creating healthy eating habits so you no longer get headaches from skipping meals or having uncontrolled blood sugar levels.

Learn more about the holistic treatments available for headaches and migraines by calling Transformation Wellness Center or booking an appointment online today.