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    Our unique approach focuses on patients as whole and vital beings. We offer comprehensive services including Functional Diagnostic Medicine, upper cervical chiropractic care, infrared sauna therapy, and general wellness support for patients of all ages.
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    See how upper cervical chiropractic and Functional Medicine care has change our patient's lives.

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Welcome to Transformation Wellness Center

Transformation Wellness Center offers two foundational approaches to health, functional medicine and upper cervical chiropractic care. Functional Medicine focuses on how and why illness occurs and aims to restore your health by addressing the root causes of disease and your loss of vitality. Upper cervical chiropractic is a tune-up for your entire nervous system (the engine that runs your body) and vital for optimal brain and body communication.

Led by Dr. Andrea Jordheim, a certified functional medicine practitioner and upper cervical chiropractor, patients will receive the best care when visiting your Grand Junction office.

Services Offered at Transformation Wellness Center

Functional Medicine

Designed to address system imbalances, including: digestive, nutritional, detoxification, inflammatory, immune, and hormonal. Functional medicine identifies the root cause of your health issue and offers safe, effective, and holistic alternative to and other symptoms to restore optimal physiological function and wellbeing.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Restores proper movement and alignment of the top bones in your neck that surround the spinal cord and brainstem. Our facility uses computerized infrared thermography, upper cervical corrections, and radiographic imaging to assess and correct dysfunction in this area to alleviate pain, body imbalance, and improve neurological function.

Sauna Therapy

Our infrared sauna therapy aids in detoxifying the body, improves immune system function, increases blood circulation, encourages weight loss, and provides relief for pain, tension, and stress.

Why Should You Seek a Wellness Practitioner & Functional Medicine

Dr. Andrea


“From newborns to seniors, and across a wide range of medical conditions, we can help restore your body's natural healing ability. We will accompany you on your journey to a transformed life. We want you to love and live life with new vitality, and with the same passion and enthusiasm we have for helping you to do so.” 

–Dr. Andrea Jordheim

If is your first time visiting an upper cervical chiropractor or functional medicine practitioner and you have questions, please     Email Us or call us at (970) 812-5559 and our experienced team will help guide you through the process and address your concerns.

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  • "I started seeing a traditional chiropractor when I was 12 years old for headaches and backaches. My headaches never really subsided and I suffered an average of five severe migraines a month."
    Leah S.
  • "I’ve had severe epileptic seizures all my life and have been confined to a wheelchair all the time. Now I can use my crutches and walk where ever I need to go."
    Timothy M.
  • "People don’t stare at me anymore. You see, I have Multiple Sclerosis. Before I came to Transformation Chiropractic I was extremely off balance and walking was tough."
    Danell P.