We have several ways for our existing patients to communicate with us!


If you would like to schedule or reschedule an existing appointment you can do so via text, phone, email, or the OhMD App.

  • Text “appointment”, “appt”, “apt”, or “visit” to 970-812–5559
  • Call 970-812-5559
  • Email info@mytransformationwellnesss.com
  • OnPatient App. To schedule an upper cervical chiropractic visit, you can use your OnPatient App. If you have trouble signing up or logging into your App, please text or call 970-812-5559.
    • If you would like to schedule or modify a Functional Medicine, Infrared Sauna, or HBOT appointment please text, call, or email.


If you have a question regarding your results, health, general updates, status, testing, billing etc., please don’t hesitate to reach out.

  • App/Text: We encourage you to download the OhMD App and make a free account when corresponding with Dr. Andrea. This allows you to send HIPAA secure messages to our office and keep a permanent record of your correspondence for future reference.
    • Go to your App store, search for OhMD to download and make a free account. Then connect with Transformation Wellness Center LLC.
    • You may continue to text if you’d prefer (970-812-5559), however, text is not HIPAA secure.
  • Email info@mytransformationwellnesss.com if you have a general question, test question, billing, or admin related inquires. If you have a specific health related question or inquiries, please email drandrea@mytransformationwellnesss.com.
  • Call 970-812-5559
  • OnPatient App Messages (not as convenient as OhMD or Text)