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Infrared Sauna Therapy At Your Transformation Wellness Center in Grand Junction, CO


Most people don’t think of sauna therapy when they are experiencing pain, weight gain, high blood pressure, skin issues, or even exposure to environmental toxins. However, Infrared Sauna Therapy is a powerful tool for improving these health issue and so much more. At Transformation Wellness Center in Grand Junction, CO we have several approaches to help those experiencing these issues. Infrared Sauna therapy is a wonderful tool that can help your body to function optimally.

 What is Infrared Sauna Therapy? 

Gym saunas have been popular for a long time and people often use them after working out for a good sweat. These steamy saunas can be hard for many to enjoy without getting overheated, and they lack the benefits of light therapy utilized in infrared saunas. Infrared is a spectrum of light not visible to the human eye. Infrared saunas allow a person to stay in longer without increasing their body temperature as much as traditional steam saunas do. Since patients don’t feel stuffy and overly hot they can stay in longer, and will naturally sweat more. Infrared saunas also allow toxins to be liberated from cells and then eliminated through your sweat without burdening your kidneys and liver.

Several types of infrared waves are used in Infrared Sauna and each has a different health benefit.

    • Near-infrared- provides oxygenation, increases mitochondrial activity, cellular detox, positive changes in epigenetic expression, improves cell health, immune stimulating, and helps speed the healing of wounds.
    • Mid-Infrared - helps improve circulation, reduces pain, and may help with weight management.
    • Far Infrared - regulates blood pressure, stress reduction, and helps detoxification.

Why We Offer Infrared Sauna Services

Not every wellness office offers infrared sauna therapy, however, at  Transformation Wellness Center we feel it is an important tool to offer our patients as a lifestyle practice; something that don’t involve medication and supplements. Infrared sauna therapy is a powerful tool that research has shown is effective in excreting persistent organic pollutants, benefits in heart health, hypertension, stress relief, weight loss, pain management, immune system function, depression, muscle recovery, diabetes, chronic fatigue, skin health, and even Lyme disease. The newest research shows benefits in combating Alzheimer's. We recommend you try this wonderful and powerful approach to wellness.

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Infrared sauna can serve as an adjust to other treatments offered in our office including, functional medicine,  upper cervical chiropractic, and massage. To learn more about infrared sauna, or to try it for yourself, contact us at 970-812-5559 to schedule your first session.

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