TMJ Treatment at Transformation Wellness Center

Laughing, eating, and talking all have two things in common: They all involve the ability to move the jaw, and they're all supposed to be enjoyable activities. When you're afflicted with the chronic pain syndrome known as TMJ or TMD, however, even these basic actions can fill you with dread. The small, complex joints on each side of your jaw can easily become strained and stiff, but help is at hand. At Transformation Wellness Center, Dr. Andrea, can apply the principles of functional medicine and upper cervical chiropractic care to get your jaw back into good working order.


Causes and Effects of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD, is often referred to simply as TMJ, after the joint that it afflicts. The temporomandibular joints on each side of your jaw anchor your jaw to your skull, but they also do much more. This versatile joint, one of the most complex in the whole body, allows your jaw to move up, down and from side to side. It's difficult to imagine how humans could live their daily lives without these capabilities.

Unfortunately, TMD/TMJ sufferers face just such a problem. Inflammation of joint damage can make opening your jaw extremely difficult. The afflicted joints can also make clicking or popping noises when you try to operate your jaw. Other symptoms may include earache, facial pain, tooth pain, tinnitus, and headaches.

Why does this problem occur? Sometimes a blow to the jaw, head, or neck can knock both the TMJ and the cervical spine out of alignment. In fact, an upper cervical misalignment may be the actual source of your jaw pain. Incorrect bite alignment, chronic tooth grinding, and chronic stress that makes you clench your jaw can also cause TMJ issues.

Gentle TMJ Treatment Options at Our Grand Junction Clinic

Your Grand Junction wellness center may be able to help your TMJ pain even after your dentist has given up. We will examine your jaw alignment as well as your upper cervical alignment for any signs of positional errors. Gentle chiropractic adjustments can correct these errors, relieve pain, and normalize your nerve function. We also prescribe specialize massage therapy to relax your jaw muscles and improve your bite and mobility so you can heal naturally without surgery. Dr. Andrea can even recommend lifestyle, ergonomic, or dietary changes to help you control chronic stress and inflammatory pain going forward.

We Can Ease Your Jaw Symptoms the Natural Way

Are you ready to enjoy eating, talking, and laughing again? Bring your painful jaw to Transformation Wellness Center to experience our all-natural healing services. Call (970) 812-5559 today to schedule your visit!


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