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Your child’s nervous system health is vitally important as he or she grows and matures. In order to maintain their optimal well-being your child should receive routine nervous system health assessments and any necessary upper cervical corrections.

At each developmental milestone (such as beginning to sit upright, crawl, walk, run, or during growth spurts) physical changes, and the bumps and tumbles that accompany them can increase the risk for nervous system interference and injury.

In order to maintain their optimal well-being your child should receive routine nervous system health assessments and any necessary upper cervical corrections. The upper cervical complex (the top two bones of your spinal column, along with the related muscles and connective tissue) has a unique relationship with the brainstem affecting overall nervous system health. Your child’s nervous system controls motor skill development, growth, and essential body functions. It is Transformation Chiropractic & Wellness Center’s objective to ensure the integrity of your child’s nervous system and overall well-being.

“As an infant Kambryn suffered extreme colic/tummy discomfort. She would cry daily and had trouble lifting her head up for many months because she had weak neck muscles. She was very fussy, a sleepless infant, and often had an upset tummy due to food/dairy and egg intolerances. But now Kambryn has become a happy carefree child since her first visit with Dr. Andrea! She no longer has any food sensitivities, she sleeps well and has energy to spare!” – Amber S., mom

-Kambryn S.

“Since Eleanor was seven months old, she has been having stomach issues. She was throwing up every day from seven months old until she was 15 months. We did know what to feed her or give her. We went to several doctors and had several tests done. We saw different pediatricians, allergists, gastroenterologists and for five years, we made no progress as she continued to have uncontrollable acid reflux all day everyday. She was always in a foul mood, was tired and lazy, and had difficulty making friends.
Through Eleanor’s upper cervical chiropractic care (and Dr. Andrea not giving up on her) we discovered that Eleanor had non-celiac gluten sensitivity and other food intolerances. Dr. Andrea helped us to learn more about Eleanor’s condition and how we could help her, including how to change her diet. Our daughter is a different child now!
We had no idea why she looked so pale and colorless before, but not anymore. She does not eat near as much food. She used to have seconds and thirds and kept eating and eating. She seems to get full and is satisfied much quicker. She is slimmer and no longer bloated. Eleanor is more active and likes riding her bike to school every day. She has made quite a few friends this year, which she did not last year. She seems in general just so much happier and healthier.
I tell all my friends that Dr. Andrea is our “Miracle Doctor”. She is personable, kind, and truly cares about her patients, which is very rare to find. To finally get answers and find someone that cares about my child is a blessing.” – Krissy T., Eleanor’s mom

-Eleanor T., 5 years old

“Zane started getting ear infections when he was nine months old. He was adjusted before by our traditional chiropractor but continued to have ear problems. He was very fussy from constant ear infections, and we had to use antibiotics every couple months when he had a really bad flare-up.

Now, under Dr. Andrea’s care, Zane has almost no ear problems. He is able to enjoy his active day without his ears hurting him! He has not had any antibiotics for ear infections since starting upper cervical care with Dr. Andrea!” – Amber S., mom

-Zane S, 4 years old

“After ONE visit with Dr. Andrea, the fluid in my ears was reduced. My mommy took me to the pediatrician for my check-up so they could determine if I needed to be sent to a specialist for my chronic ear infections and the pediatrician was amazed at the results. I have not had one ear infection since I began chiropractic care, I use to get ear infections all the time. Now that I can hear better I’m speaking in full sentences. I am a happy vibrant child instead of a fussy, tired child.”

-Peyton C., 3 years old

“MacKenzie rarely ate or slept. From the moment she was born she couldn’t latch on to me and could barely latch on to a bottle to eat. She weighed 8.14 lbs for her first two months, and on her third month she barely weighed 10 lbs. When we put her down to go to sleep she couldn’t sleep flat on her back or she would start gagging on her tongue. Her tongue stuck out of her mouth all the time and she could barely turn her head to one side.

Since MacKenzie’s first adjustment she has been able to eat and sleep without any difficulties; she is gaining weight and is healthy. She has a lot more energy too. Now five months later she has no problem eating from a bottle and eats lots of food whenever she can. She is way more active and now weighs nearly as much as her two-year-old sister! She moves her neck easily and can sleep flat on her back without any complications. Because of her care at Transformation Chiropractic & Wellness Center, MacKenzie is a healthy happy baby!” -Brijette I., mom

-Mackenzie, 8 months old

“Before I saw Dr. Andrea I had low muscle tone (hypotonia) which prevented me from having good body balance and muscle coordination. My ability to walk, jump, coherently think and collaborate lots of things was below normal level. I had tried intense muscle therapy sessions and it had only limited results. I was unable to sustain my energy level throughout the day and easily became very incoherent during the evenings. I was not able to keep up socially with other children, to play or be around them. My low muscle tone prevented me from having fun with other kids my age and my comprehension in school was low which affected my progress. After my visits with Dr. Andrea, my social outlook changed drastically. My low muscle tone and body balance problems have improved considerably. I am able to sustain my energy level throughout the day and don’t feel tired in the evening. I am able to perform very well in school now with more stars from my teachers. My reading and writing skills have improved very much and I’m able to ace my math. I love math!” -(written with mom’s help)

-Mathu N., 6 years old

“Every year since I was an infant I have taken Albuterol and Flovent consistently for my asthma attacks. In the fall, when school started, and again in the spring I would usually have to be hooked up to a breathing machine. It kept me from playing soccer and I missed a lot of school for being sick. Since visiting Transformation Chiropractic, I haven’t needed Albuterol and have not been sick due to bronchial asthma. Mom is very happy to not have me on meds! Me too!”

-Nicolas R., 12 years old

“Savannah is a bright little girl who is full of love and life! When she was almost 2 she started have complex partial seizures. We quickly turned to upper cervical chiropractic to help her and it worked! She had 6 seizures in 4 days and then she was adjusted, they stopped! She never had a seizure again except for a time when she was out of adjustment. Dr. Andrea was so patient and loving with Savannah that it made the adjustments go smoothly. Dr. Andrea has a wonderful way with kids and is very gifted in her field.” – Amanda P., mom

-Savannah P., 3 years old

“Transformation Chiropractic has helped me so much with my lower back pain. I’m happier now; I’m not as cranky; I sleep better and longer. I get fewer headaches and I’m able to workout for longer periods of time. I don’t slouch anymore and also I have less shoulder pain. When I play basketball I’m able to sprint longer and also do defense slides, which engages your lower back a lot. I’m sleeping, swimming, shopping for longer periods of time, and playing basketball without pain!”

-Keri B., 17 years old

“Kason had a very traumatic entrance into this world and suffered a shoulder dystocia during delivery, which can cause nerve damage to the shoulder, arm, and hand. As a newborn we just wanted him to get a proper start to life. Kason had his first upper cervical chiropractic visit soon after he was born and now he is a happy, easy going baby with no shoulder issues or apparent nerve damage! He’s off to a healthy start.” – Amber S., mom

-Kason S., 3 months old

“Dylan came into this world with a stressful delivery and continued to have health problems. He suffered from reflux, eczema and allergies. We didn’t want our baby on medications. We tried other healthcare providers and chiropractors before Dr. Andrea and we didn’t see the results we were hoping for. After Dylan’s first adjustment by Dr. Andrea, I immediately noticed results in his behavior and reflux. Dylan loved going to see Dr. Andrea and we were so sad that she moved to Colorado; we miss her in California. She is compassionate, has a gentle touch, and I learned a lot from her. Dr. Andrea’s care helped Dylan find and maintain better health and we are so grateful.” – Renee S., mom

-Dylan S., 1 year old

“My son was diagnosed with torticollis at his two-month check-up. My husband and I were at a loss about what to do, but we had experience with upper cervical chiropractic and thought that our son might benefit from treatment. After one minor adjustment from Dr. Andrea (and I mean MINOR, it was basically applied strategic pressure!) our sons “tilt” was almost completely gone! We were so thrilled with the results! We also discussed our son’s eczema with Dr. Andrea and she gave us a few all-natural tips we could try for him (they have all helped tremendously!). What other doctor will listen to ALL of your concerns and have advice for every single one?! She is an amazing doctor and in the past eight months has helped us more with our son than his pediatrician has! She is kind, understanding, and very genuine. You won’t find a better healthcare provider than Dr. Andrea!” – Laura M., mom

-Jacob M., 8 months old

“Dr. Andrea was my doctor while I was pregnant with my daughter, Autumn. Naturally, I wanted Dr. Andrea to check Autumn after she was born. Autumn had her first visit four days after she was born. When she was battling a short bout of colic at about four weeks, Dr. Andrea was really helpful and offered suggestions, like probiotics and having her nervous system checked. Now, at almost two years old, we are happy to report that our daughter has never taken antibiotics for simple childhood ailments like ear infections. All that we needed was found in chiropractic care with Dr. Andrea! All her new patients are in caring and loving hands!” -Melissa M., mom

-Autumn C.

“I was born with torticollis, which caused my head to be turned and twisted to the right and I was constipated. My neck was tight and I only liked to look at people on my right side or sleep with my head turned to the right. When my parents tried to get me to look to my left I didn’t like it and I let them know it by whining. The back of my head was flat and misshapen because I was always lying like that. My torticollis was gone after my very first upper cervical chiropractic adjustment. My digestion is better now too and I’m not constipated. My head is round and I don’t care what side people are on when they talk to me. I rarely get sick; I’ve never had an ear infection (I know this is common in other kids who have had torticollis). I am a happy, healthy, and vibrant little boy thanks to upper cervical chiropractic care.”

-Hayden J., 10 months old (Dr. Andrea's son)

“Dr. Andrea, I want to thank you again for adjusting Liam! He was constipated for months and really struggling, but ever since you adjusted him he has had regular bowel movements and hardly complains about it anymore! I’m so happy!” – Karlee K., R.N. and mom

-Liam K., 6 months old

“I was born three months premature. I was a tiny 2 lbs., 14 oz., and 15 inches long. I spent the next 10 weeks in the NICU learning to eat on my own, growing, and learning to adapt to life on the outside. Thankfully I had my Mommy there to love me, hold me, and check my nervous system. I had two upper cervical chiropractic adjustments while I was in the NICU. I know this gave me a great start and allowed my body to adapt to and thrive in my new environment. I continue to surpass Mommy’s and my pediatric team’s expectations. I love to laugh, eat, and watch my older brother Hayden. Many of the people who know me don’t believe I was ever a 28-week-old preemie. I continue to have my nervous system checked and, when I need it, an adjustment to correct it.”

-Blaine J., 5 months old (Dr. Andrea's son)

“I am amazed and grateful how with just a few clicks my 2 month old daughter is now able to look left and is not colicy anymore. Dr. Andrea is amazing!” – Kala, mother of Zenobia

-Zenoba L.


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  • "I started seeing a traditional chiropractor when I was 12 years old for headaches and backaches. My headaches never really subsided and I suffered an average of five severe migraines a month."
    Leah S.
  • "I’ve had severe epileptic seizures all my life and have been confined to a wheelchair all the time. Now I can use my crutches and walk where ever I need to go."
    Timothy M.
  • "People don’t stare at me anymore. You see, I have Multiple Sclerosis. Before I came to Transformation Chiropractic I was extremely off balance and walking was tough."
    Danell P.