Payment Options

We believe in the value of upper cervical chiropractic care to help you and your family achieve your total health and wellness goals. Therefore, we have created a pricing structure that is flexible enough to allow you to get the care you need, no matter what your budget.


We have affordable discounted rates with membership to ChiroHealthUSA (CHUSA) for patients receiving chiropractic care (this does not include Functional Diagnostic Medicine services). CHUSA provides significant discounts to cash patients and can be used to supplement your health insurance policy if you are under-insured or have exhausted your benefits.

CHUSA also allows our office to provide additional discount for subsequent family members.

Please call to discuss our current rates and discounts.

CHUSA family membership is only $49 annually.

For those with budget restraints, we offer monthly patient payment plan to pay for your care over time, interest free.


We accept most insurances, however, we are an out-of-network provider. If you would like to use your insurance we would be happy to see what your benefit are and what you might expected to pay, please bring your current insurance card to your initial visit.

We are not currently accepting medicare patients for chiropractic services.

We also accept auto accident and workers compensation cases for issues that can addressed through chiropractic care.

Please call us at (970) 812-5559 to learn more and allow us to answer any financial, insurance, or other questions you may have.


Office Hours


9:00 AM-12:30 pm

2:00 pm-5:30 pm


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9:00 AM-12:30 pm

2:00 pm-4:00 pm


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Massage By Appointment






  • "I started seeing a traditional chiropractor when I was 12 years old for headaches and backaches. My headaches never really subsided and I suffered an average of five severe migraines a month."
    Leah S.
  • "I’ve had severe epileptic seizures all my life and have been confined to a wheelchair all the time. Now I can use my crutches and walk where ever I need to go."
    Timothy M.
  • "People don’t stare at me anymore. You see, I have Multiple Sclerosis. Before I came to Transformation Chiropractic I was extremely off balance and walking was tough."
    Danell P.