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Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired -- but you don't know what's causing your symptoms, or what you should do about it? Many kinds of health problems, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pain syndromes, and autoimmune disorders, have been linked to inflammatory imbalances in the body. It takes detailed testing and skilled holistic care to get these problems under control. Here at Transformation Wellness Center, we offer holistic health treatment for your inflammatory imbalances.

InflammationCauses of Chronic Inflammation

Think of your body as a complex chemical laboratory in which precise balances between countless chemicals, hormones, and nutrients must be maintained at all times. Even a small imbalance caused by the presence of an underlying disease, irritant, immune reaction, or unwelcome new chemical can throw the entire mechanism out of order. When this imbalance occurs, you may experience chronic low-level inflammatory disorders. Common causes of chronic inflammation include:

    • Constant stress, which raises cortisol production to a harmful level
    • Uncontrolled blood sugar, with frequent ups and downs causing inflammation related to insulin resistance
    • Unknown immune reactions, including autoimmune or over-reactions to stimuli
    • Inflammatory foods that are too high in substances such as preservative chemicals or omega-6 fatty acids

Inflammation and Gut Health

A variety of factors such as emotional stress and poor dietary choices (such as foods overloaded with sugar or chemicals) can impair gut health, affecting the hormonal messages that influence the brain. The resulting imbalances can cause such varied effects as inflammation, depression, digestive conditions and other chronic complaints.

Your gut health also has an effect on your immune system function, and this can contribute to your inflammatory imbalances. Sensitivities such as celiac disease and non-gluten celiac sensitivity can worsen a number of autoimmune diseases, aggravating your chronic inflammation in the process.

Holistic Care Tips to Combat Inflammation

You can combat inflammation through a natural approach that includes specialized diets (tailored to a patient’s individual need), appropriate and specific nutraceutical recommendations, natural therapeutic interventions and more. Even implementing simple common sense lifestyle changes such as cutting out inflammatory foods, avoiding caffeine, sugar, getting exercise, and practicing stress management can help you gain control over your condition. 

How Your Functional Medicine Practitioner Addresses Your Inflammation Issues

Dr. Jordheim can identify the exact underlying causes of your inflammatory imbalances. This information then allows her to create the ideal holistic care program to address these issues. The right combination of anti-inflammatory diet, exercise, even upper cervical chiropractic care (to improve overall nerve function), and lifestyle changes can make all the difference in your ongoing quality of life.

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