Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal Imbalance and Your Health at Your Transformation Wellness Center LLC

Here at Transformation Wellness Center LLC, our functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Andrea Jordheim, can help support your hormonal imbalance through holistic and natural healing techniques so you can be your best and thrive.

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Hormonal Imbalances: What Are They and How Are They Diagnosed?

A hormonal imbalance is an excess or deficiency of certain messengers that work together to govern the body's many systems and tasks. These chemical messengers, known as hormones, are normally released by glands when needed to maintain metabolism, reproductive cycles, fight-or-flight responses, tissue remodeling, nerve function, and your energy level. When these hormones are out of balance, these functions may go haywire, causing everything from obesity and infertility to fatigue.

Checking for hormonal imbalances is an important step in evaluating a patient’s overall system health and aids in discovering the underlying cause of several conditions. In our office we utilize blood testing and state-of-the-art urine metabolite testing, as well as detailed description of your lifestyle, diet, medical history and current symptoms to get a full picture of your hormonal health.

Common Causes of Hormonal Imbalances

A number of hormonal imbalances can affect your mood, energy levels, and overall health. Common causes of hormone imbalances include:

    • Estrogen fluctuations and metabolism issues
    • Hypothyroidism, which may occur in response to chronic stress
    • Hormonal deficiencies as a results of other hormonal stressors, depression, poor diet, lack of sleep, or exercise
    • Environmental pollutants that mimic natural hormones
    • Adrenal fatigue due to chronic stress and poor diet

How Functional Medicine can Help Address Hormonal Imbalances

Dr. Andrea Jordheim, your upper cervical chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner, can help your to improve your hormonal health and your hormone balance by addressing the root cause of your issues. To assist your primary care provider or specialist in your care, she will help you find the root cause, which can help your prescribing doctor (if you are on a prescription for your hormones) make informed and holistic decisions about your health. Functional medicine looking at all the various factors that affect your everyday life and baseline state of health. We can then devise a treatment program that addresses each of these factors, including strategies such as:

    • Nutritional counseling and supplementation to correct insufficiencies
    • Exercise and sleep recommendations to improve overall hormone production
    • Upper Cervical chiropractic care to improve the body's internal communications
    • Detoxification strategies and tailored protocols to remove inappropriate environmental signals that can be a detriment to your hormone production, activation, and balance
    • Stress relief techniques to ease adrenal fatigue

Find out How Functional Medicine Can Help with Hormone Imbalances

Find the help you need here at Transformation Wellness Center LLC. Call your Grand Junction functional medicine clinic at (970) 812-5559 to find out how functional medicine can help with the underlying causes of the hormonal imbalance you may be experiencing.


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