Functional Medicine FAQs

Do you think you can help me with my health problem?

Dr. Jordheim uses a comprehensive systems approach and looks at root causes to assess and treat your health care concerns.

You may have experienced, multiple times, a doctor examines you, does blood tests or other diagnostic tests, and then tells you “all your tests are normal”. Yet, both you and your doctor know that you are not well.

Functional medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. Dr. Jordheim will spend time with you listening to your history, health journey, and concerns. She looks “upstream” to consider the complex web of interactions in your past that can lead to illness. Your unique genetic makeup, along with both internal(mind, body and spirit) and external (physical and social environment) factors are considered and affect your body’s overall functional health.

Most physicians are trained to look only in specific places for the answers, using the same familiar labs or diagnostic tests. Yet, many causes of illness cannot be found by these methods. The usual tests do not look for food allergies/sensitivities, hidden infections, environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies, genetic predispositions/weaknesses, and complex hormone and metabolic imbalances.

We use innovative testing to help prevent illness and recover from many chronic and difficult-to-treat conditions. Dr. Jordheim is skilled in evaluating chronic health problems including digestive disorders, immune issues, inflammatory disorders, fatigue,mood and behavior disorders, allergies and sensitivities, hormone imbalance,cardiovascular, neuroimmunoendocrine,and other chronic, complex conditions.

How will lab tests be performed?

Some testing can be done through conventional laboratories and others are only available through functional medicine laboratories. During your initial visit, Dr. Jordheim will determine which tests are needed and review with you testing recommendations,instructions (e.g. fasting or non-fasting, etc.) and costs. Some testing requires collecting urine, saliva or stool at home. Others may require you to go to a local laboratory to have blood drawn. In all cases, we will assist you in coordinating initial and follow-up testing.

Is Dr. Jordheim a primary care physician?

Dr. Jordheim can handle many of your primary care needs, however she is not a primary care provider and requests that you maintain a primary care doctor for annual physical exam, Papsmear, prostate exam, etc. She is happy to work with you closely as a consultant and coach in preventive, nutritional and functional medicine to help you address the roots of chronic health problems. Dr. Jordheim is also happy to co-manage with your primary care doctor if desired.

Why don’t you accept insurance?

When clinics bill insurance companies directly, the doctor is required to become a participating provider. The doctor must sign a contract that allows the insurance company to determine which services they will and will not provide, and how much they can charge for those services. And in general, insurance companies are not focused on preventative or wellness services.

If a doctor is a participating provider they must agree to accept the fees the insurance company establishes, regardless of whether the fees are reasonable or applicable to their practice. In general, these established fees cover the briefest and most basic care.

Most doctors and clinics cope with the requirements of being participating providers by keeping their office visits very brief, so that they can see as many patients as possible due to the limit reimbursement they receive. Ultimately insurance companies will not cover patient care adequately, nor support our office emphasis of “whole patient care” versus disease treatment through comprehensive analysis, in-depth testing,and management.

I am moving (live out of town) do I have to see Dr. Jordheim in office for visits?

Yes, In most cases Dr. Jordheim requires you meet in person for your initial visit. Follow-up appointments can be done over phone/Skype and testing kits or supplement can be mailed to you as needed for ongoing care.

Will I need to take supplements and how do I get the necessary ones

We recommend nutritional supplements as an adjunct to dietary and lifestyle modification. This approach is central to the well-researched and science-based practice of functional medicine. Dr. Jordheim has extensively researched supplements,herbals, and nutraceuticals and recommends only the highest quality products. We price our products to cover our basic costs for providing them and we keep our mark-ups as low as possible. You may purchase supplements after each visit or you are welcome to come by the office and purchase them as needed. If you live out of town, you may email your orders to [email protected] and we will gladly ship to you. In order to ensure product availability (as some supplement recommendations are special order and patient specific) please give our office a 7-10 business day heads-up before you run out.


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  • "I started seeing a traditional chiropractor when I was 12 years old for headaches and backaches. My headaches never really subsided and I suffered an average of five severe migraines a month."
    Leah S.
  • "I’ve had severe epileptic seizures all my life and have been confined to a wheelchair all the time. Now I can use my crutches and walk where ever I need to go."
    Timothy M.
  • "People don’t stare at me anymore. You see, I have Multiple Sclerosis. Before I came to Transformation Chiropractic I was extremely off balance and walking was tough."
    Danell P.